Climate change kenya community tree planting P. Kimeli (CCAFS)/Flickr

Fighting Climate Change Region by Region

State and provincial officials are taking the lead in cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and promoting sustainable development. Working together, subnational and national governments can achieve much more than when working apart.

LONDON – A new global agreement to address climate change is taking shape, with the United States joining the European Union in formally submitting its plan to cut greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The US has sent a strong signal by being one of the first to offer this commitment to concrete climate action. In the days ahead, many other countries, including China and India, are expected to add their plans to the mix.

Together, these plans (known as “intended nationally determined contributions,” or “INDCs”) will represent a collective global effort to invest in a prosperous, low-carbon future.

And today, we, as co-chairs of The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance, call on national government leaders to join that effort with ambitious climate plans. We make this call to our national leaders because we believe it is right, and because we know it is possible.

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