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Why New Zealand Looks to Europe

Global rules and norms are again coming under threat, and cooperation in meeting the world’s biggest challenges is faltering. New Zealand's close and long-standing ties with Europe are therefore vitally important, on issues from climate change to trade.

WELLINGTON – Few places are as far away, from almost anywhere, as New Zealand. Each year, our country’s remote beauty attracts millions of tourists seeking a great escape amid unique, unspoiled landscapes. But our physical distance from the rest of the world also gives New Zealanders a special understanding of community and connection that has fresh relevance today.

For us, international partnerships with those who share our commitments – to human rights, open societies and economies, inclusive trade, and social justice – are neither dispensable nor optional. They are crucial to our survival as an island state and integral to who we are.

The European Union was founded on the same principles. So, in today’s challenging times, it is no surprise that New Zealand looks to the EU as a natural partner on so many global issues.

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