A Strategy to Unite and Safeguard Europe

BRUSSELS – The purpose – and even the survival – of the European Union is being questioned as never before. In fact, Europe’s citizens and the world need a strong EU now more than ever.

Europe’s wider region has become less stable and more insecure in recent years. Moreover, the crises within and beyond the EU’s borders are directly affecting the lives of all European citizens.

In challenging times such as these, a strong EU is one that thinks strategically, shares a vision, and acts together. In the wake of the United Kingdom’s vote to “Brexit” the EU, we Europeans will indeed have to rethink how our Union works; but we know very well what we need to work for. We know what our principles, interests, and priorities are. This is no time for political uncertainty. The EU needs a strategy that marries a shared vision to common action.

None of the EU’s member states, acting alone, has the strength to address the threats that Europe faces. Nor can they seize the opportunities presented by today’s global economy alone. But as a Union of more than a half-billion citizens, Europe’s potential is unparalleled.