Ireland Must Go

Copenhagen – Ireland should do the rest of Europe a favor and withdraw from the European Union.  That seems to be the only tenable solution to the situation created by the Irish “No” to the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish have created a problem for themselves. They should not let it be a problem for others.

It would be sad to lose the merry people of the Emerald Island from the EU family. But it would be even sadder if, because of the Irish “No,” all those who wish to secure the same benefits from European integration that made it possible for the Irish to prosper are left out in the cold.

EU enlargement cannot continue without the many practical and pragmatic elements included in the Lisbon Treaty. And the enlargement process is the most important endeavor the EU has undertaken, including the creation of the euro.

The Union has already taken in countries that need a lot of attention – and others are knocking at the door. They want to catch up with all those who prospered in freedom during the Cold War, and they should be given that opportunity as a matter of fairness. Moreover, enlargement should be regarded as an important element of Europe’s security policy, helping countries that have only recently democratized to secure stability at home and giving them the strength to deal with external pressures.