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但英国政府决定至关重要。这项决定是根据歌本哈根共识中心(Copenhagen Consensus Center)的一项研究做出。研究表明,计划生育是最明智的可行发展投资之一。目前,数百万妇女无法选择生多少孩子、什么时候生孩子和隔多长时间生一个孩子——有时候这会带来致命后果,因为意外妊娠可能导致年轻母亲和而婴儿死亡。此外,全民普及避孕能刺激增长,将其作为重点工作具有重要的经济意义。


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    The Terrorism Paradox

    Robert Skidelsky

    As the number of deaths from terrorism in Western Europe declines, public alarm about terrorist attacks grows. But citizens should stay calm and not give governments the tools they increasingly demand to win the “battle” against terrorism, crime, or any other technically avoidable misfortune that life throws up.