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Facebook Oldies

I’m embarrassed to say that after reading Newsweek’s recent cover story on Facebook…I joined. The majority of the social networking site’s new members are people over 35: oldies like me. Still, it’s uncool -- and supposedly “old school”-- to join because of pieces in “old media” like Newsweek. And what’s the point of joining Facebook if not to be cool?

In my defense, I work in new media, plus I come from a web-savvy family; my 72-year-father recently answered the phone saying “Can’t talk, in Second Life!” (the online virtual world).

And I’m delighted with my first “friendships.” It’s great to see people I’d known professionally in a more informal light, with family photos and droll daily updates (who knew an oldie journalist I really admire could recommend new tunes by The Hysterics and Rilo Kiley?).

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