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In Defense of Europe

Faced with growing geopolitical challenges from Russia, China, and the United States, Europe must take its future into its own hands by defending its interests and values. Otherwise, the European Union and its member states will become others' prey in the new global (dis)order.

BRUSSELS – The geopolitical chessboard is back. Following a post-1989 interlude in which the direction of history seemed to tilt toward a peaceful liberal international order, we now witness mounting great-power competition, quests for hegemony, and quasi-imperial expansion.

Russia is brazenly breaking international law and asserting its regional influence. China is engaging in strategic competition across the board and promoting an alternative international model. And the United States has chosen to defend its interests with unilateral action and pressure.

Faced with this violent geopolitical awakening, Europe must take its future into its own hands. If we do not stand up to voice and defend our interests and values, the European Union and its member states will become others’ prey in the new global (dis)order. The time has come for Europeans collectively to build their sovereignty in all areas where they want to be actors, rather than spectators: foreign policy and defense, economy and trade, digital technology, and environmental sustainability.

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