Europe, America, and the Drumbeat of War with Iran

America’s capital is once again abuzz with talk of war, not only of the latest “strategy for victory” in Iraq, but now also of military action against Iran. The harder it becomes to discern any rationality in the Bush administration’s actions, the louder the rumor mill grinds.

Will Bush order an air and Special Forces attack on Iran?

Ever since Bush’s State of the Union address at the end of January, hardly a day has passed without something happening in connection with Iran or without the Bush administration’s ratcheting up its rhetoric. Clearly, the US is also pressing ahead with preparations for an air strike. (A more extensive military commitment is scarcely possible, given how overstretched US ground forces already are.)

Indeed, the confrontation with the Iranians in Iraq is visibly intensifying, and it may be gathering strength elsewhere as well. A bomb directed at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard recently exploded on Iran’s border with Afghanistan. And there are, of course, new attempts by the United States to drum up “evidence” of an Iranian threat that may justify an attack.