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Biden’s Trade War Against Himself

US President Joe Biden’s protectionist trade policies are in open conflict with the rest of his domestic and foreign-policy agenda. In the name of slogans like “Buy American,” the administration is making it even harder to address climate change, inflation, poverty, and the erosion of America’s global standing.

WASHINGTON, DC – The contradiction between US President Joe Biden’s major domestic and foreign-policy objectives and his administration’s trade policies has grown increasingly sharp. As Biden nears the midpoint of his electoral term, it is no exaggeration to say that he is waging war against his own agenda.

On the domestic front, the administration has emphasized the need to mitigate climate change, reduce inflation, fight poverty, and maintain productivity and growth. But its trade policies will do the opposite.

The same is true of US foreign-policy objectives. Despite a clear bipartisan consensus on the need to strengthen US alliances, the administration has raised tariffs on Canadian lumber, imposed stricter “Buy American” measures (which conflict with its World Trade Organization obligations), and taken other steps that harm US allies.

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