An Open Letter to America's Democratic Presidential Candidates


In less than three months we will know which of you will challenge President Bush. But for the moment, I am addressing this letter to all of you. I am very eager to have your ear, the ears of your trusted advisers, and most importantly, of the American people. I hope that you will attach some importance to this message.

You all feel, I suspect, that the world is in the grip of growing anti-Americanism. But this is not completely true. I am writing this as a citizen of the world; I have not consulted anyone, but I do not believe that I will be contradicted. America's global leadership is politically and militarily incontestable. It is therefore a fact.

From a cultural point of view, there are in the world today three claims to global leadership: from China, from the Muslim world, and from the West. Because Europe was stupid enough to self-destruct in two world wars, the West's claim to world leadership belongs to you, the Americans.