A World of Trouble

So you thought this year was bad!

2009 began with the flattening of Gaza. Unemployment is surging in many countries, even though we can detect the first signs of recovery from the recession. Many bankers, meanwhile, are back to the trough as though nothing had happened. Greed was just taking a temporary break.

Pakistan is hit hard by a wave of monstrous Taleban attacks, and in Afghanistan NATO troops die and are terribly injured in large numbers. The “Peace Process” in the Middle East becomes ever more clearly the great oxymoron in international relations.

Preparations for the climate change conference in Copenhagen are dominated by charges and recriminations. Even President Barack Obama, of whom miracles were expected, turns out to be no more than a very talented mortal. He receives the Nobel Peace Prize in the hope that maybe he can make next year better. He’ll certainly have his work cut out.