A New Year’s Resolution for Real UN Reform

The threats and challenges facing the world at the dawn of the new millennium are numerous. It has also become clear that, in an era of globalization and interdependence, no state will be able to meet these threats and challenges alone.

The World Summit in New York last September showed that substantial progress could be made in adapting the UN to today’s world. Significant advances were made at the summit on development, security, and human rights. And doors were opened to further action in these and other important areas.

And yet, the summit was only a beginning. Much of the hard work remains ahead of us.

To ensure continued momentum, we – the leaders of 14 nations from regions around the world – have formed a network to promote comprehensive reform of the UN. A key element will be to underpin and complement the efforts taking place in New York through continued support at the highest political level. In dialogue with other leaders around the world, we will act to advance the agenda laid out at the 2005 World Summit.