Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Our Columnists

Photo of Richard N. Haass

Richard N. Haass

Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, previously served as Director of Policy Planning for the US State Department (2001-2003), and was President George W. Bush's special en…

Photo of Muhammad Habash

Muhammad Habash

Muhammad Habash, a member of the Syrian Parliament, is director of the Islamic Studies Center in Damascus.

Photo of Raphaël Hadas-Lebel

Raphaël Hadas-Lebel

Raphaël Hadas-Lebel, author of Hundred and One Words about the French Democracy, is Honorary Section President at France’s Conseil d’État and a former professor at the Institut d'études politiques in …

Photo of Lawrence Haddad

Lawrence Haddad

Lawrence Haddad is the lead author of the upcoming 2016 Global Nutrition Report.

Photo of Nasser Hadian

Nasser Hadian

Nasser Hadian teaches Political Science at Tehran University.

Photo of Thomas Hager

Thomas Hager

Thomas Hager is author of The Alchemy of Air, a history of the Haber-Bosch discovery.

Photo of Ouafa Hajji

Ouafa Hajji

Ouafa Hajji is President of Socialist International Women.

Photo of Daniel Halberstam

Daniel Halberstam

Daniel Halberstam is Professor of Law and Director of the European Legal Studies Program at University of Michigan Law School.

Photo of David Hale

David Hale

David Hale is Chairman of David Hale Global Economics and a long-time analyst of China's economic reform process.

Photo of Margaux Hall

Margaux Hall

Margaux Hall, a consultant for the Justice for the Poor Program in the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency, is the 2012-2014 Center for Reproductive Rights-Columbia Law School Fellow.

Photo of Nina Hall

Nina Hall

Nina Hall, a post-doctoral fellow at the Hertie School of Government in Berlin, is the lead researcher on the WEF/BSG project.

Photo of Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall is a National Health and Medical Research Council Australia Fellow at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, Brisbane, Australia.

Photo of Tarja Halonen

Tarja Halonen

Tarja Halonen is President of the Republic of Finland and a Co-Chair of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

Photo of Koichi Hamada

Koichi Hamada

Koichi Hamada is Professor Emeritus at Yale University and a special adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Photo of Zakri Abdul Hamid

Zakri Abdul Hamid

Zakri Abdul Hamid is a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Scientific Advisory Board, Science Adviser to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and co-chair of MIGHT.

Photo of Edward Hammond

Edward Hammond

Edward Hammond is a researcher and the director of Prickly Research.

Photo of Mojmír Hampl

Mojmír Hampl

Mojmír Hampl is Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank.

Photo of Khidhir Hamza

Khidhir Hamza

Former Advisor to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization and former Director of Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program. He is the co-author of Saddam's Bombmaker.

Photo of Elemer Hankiss

Elemer Hankiss

Professor, Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Photo of David Hannay

David Hannay

David Hannay, a former British Ambassador to the EU and to the UN, was the UK’s Special Representative for Cyprus from 1996-2003.

Photo of Alfred Hannig

Alfred Hannig

Alfred Hannig is Executive Director at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Photo of Md. Shahidul Haque

Md. Shahidul Haque

Md. Shahidul Haque, former Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, is Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh.

Photo of Riitta Hari

Riitta Hari

Academy Professor (Academy of Finland) and Head of the Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology.

Photo of Ayesha Haroon

Ayesha Haroon

Ayesha Haroon is editor of The News International in Lahore and an associate fellow at the Asia Society.

Photo of Anthony Harries

Anthony Harries

Anthony Harries is Senior Adviser and Director of the Department of Research at The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Photo of Kent Harrington

Kent Harrington

Kent Harrington, a former senior CIA analyst, served as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, Chief of Station in Asia, and the CIA’s Director of Public Affairs.

Photo of John Harte

John Harte

John Harte holds a joint professorship in the Energy and Resources Group and the Ecosystem Sciences Division of the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley.

Photo of Kris Hartley

Kris Hartley

Kris Hartley is a doctoral candidate at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.

Photo of Jim Hartung

Jim Hartung

Jim Hartung is President of GlobalEnergySolutions.org, and former Director of Energy Systems at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.

Photo of Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey, a former member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, is the author of Global Disorder and A Few Bloody Noses: The Realities and Mythologies of the American Revolution.

Photo of Ross Harvey

Ross Harvey

Ross Harvey is a senior researcher with SAIIA and a PhD student at the University of Cape Town’s School of Economics.

Photo of Asch Harwood

Asch Harwood

Asch Harwood is a research associate in the Africa program at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Photo of David W. Haslam

David W. Haslam

David Haslam is a researcher at the UK’s National Obesity Forum.

Photo of Mohamed H. Hassan

Mohamed H. Hassan

President of the African Academy of Sciences and executive director of the Third World Academy of Sciences, Trieste, Italy.

Photo of Pierre Hassner

Pierre Hassner

Director, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales, Paris.

Photo of Larry Hatheway

Larry Hatheway

Larry Hatheway is Group Head of Multi Asset Portfolio Solutions and Group Chief Economist at GAM.

Photo of Heiko Haumann

Heiko Haumann

Heiko Haumann is Professor of East European and Contemporary History, University of Basel. His books include "Geschichte Russlands" (History of Russia, 2003) and "Geschichte der Ostjuden" (History of …

Photo of Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser is Professor of Psychology and Director of Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Harvard University.

Photo of Ricardo Hausmann

Ricardo Hausmann

Ricardo Hausmann, a former minister of planning of Venezuela and former Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank, is Director of the Center for International Development at Harvard Unive…

Photo of Heidi Hautala

Heidi Hautala

Heidi Hautala is Finland’s Minister for International Development since June 2011 and was a member of the European Parliament from 1995 to 2003 and 2009 to 2011.

Photo of Vaclav Havel

Vaclav Havel

Václav Havel was President of Czechoslovakia (1989-92) and President of the Czech Republic (1993-2003). An author and playwright, he was one of the principal authors of the human rights manifesto Char…

Photo of Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes is Reader in Global Health and Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in International Public Engagement at the Institute for Global Health, University College London.

Photo of Gavin Hayman

Gavin Hayman

Gavin Hayman is Director of Campaigns at Global Witness.

Photo of David Healy

David Healy

David Healy is Professor of Psychiatry in Cardiff University; he has been involved as an expert witness in homicide and suicide trials involving SSRI drugs, and in bringing these problems to the atten…

Photo of Stefan Heck

Stefan Heck

Stefan Heck is a consulting professor at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University. He is the co-author of Resource Revolution: How to Capture the Biggest Business Opportunity in a Cent…

Photo of Markus Heilig

Markus Heilig

Markus Heilig is Professor and Chief at the Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience, Linköping University, Sweden.

Photo of Alberto Heimler

Alberto Heimler

Alberto Heimler is Professor of Economics at Scuola nazionale dell’Amministrazione in Rome.

Photo of Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz is a Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE.

Photo of Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz is a Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE.

Photo of Dirk Helbing

Dirk Helbing

Dirk Helbing is Professor of Computational Social Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and heads the FuturICT and Nervousnet initiatives.

Photo of Thomas Helleday

Thomas Helleday

Thomas Helleday is a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield and an Associate Professor at Stockholm University.

Photo of Michael Heller

Michael Heller

Michael G. Heller, author of Capitalism, Institutions, and Economic Development, has taught Southeast Asian and Latin American political economy in the UK, Argentina, and Australia.

Photo of Robert Heller

Robert Heller

Robert Heller is a former member of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Photo of Hans-Olaf Henkel

Hans-Olaf Henkel

Hans-Olaf Henkel, a former president of the Federation of German Industries, is Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim.

Photo of Joseph Henrich

Joseph Henrich

Joseph Henrich is Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. His latest book is The Secret of Our Success: How culture is driving human evolution, domesticating our species, and m…

Photo of Peter Blair Henry

Peter Blair Henry

Peter Blair Henry is Dean of New York University’s Stern School of Business and the author of Turnaround: Third World Lessons for First World Growth.

Photo of Carlos Heredia

Carlos Heredia

Carlos Heredia, a former member of the Mexican Federal Congress, is an economist with extensive experience in foreign affairs.

Photo of Michael Hereth

Michael Hereth

Michael Hereth was Professor of Political Science, University of the Bundeswehr, Hamburg, Germany.

Photo of Adam S. Hersh

Adam S. Hersh

Adam S. Hersh is Senior Economist at the Roosevelt Institute and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Initiative for Policy Dialogue.

Photo of Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz is Professor of Globalisation, Sustainability and Finance, Duisenberg School of Finance, Amsterdam and Fellow, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Her most recent book is The…

Photo of John Hewson

John Hewson

John Hewson, a former leader of Australia’s Liberal Party, is Chair of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project.

Photo of Noeleen Heyzer

Noeleen Heyzer

Noeleen Heyzer is United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Advisor of the Secretary General to Timor-Leste.

Photo of Garrick Hileman

Garrick Hileman

Garrick Hileman, an economic historian at the London School of Economics, is the founder of MacroDigest.com.

Photo of Christopher R. Hill

Christopher R. Hill

Christopher R. Hill, former US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, was US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia, and Poland, a US special envoy for Kosovo, a negotiator of the Dayton Peac…

Photo of Fiona Hill

Fiona Hill

Fiona Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, is the author, with Clifford Gaddy, of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin.

Photo of Steven Hill

Steven Hill

Steven Hill is the author of Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age and 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy.

Photo of Katherine Himes

Katherine Himes

Katherine Himes, former American Association for the Advancement of Science Policy Fellow at USAID, is Foreign Policy Interrupted Fellow and Adjunct Faculty at The Evergreen State College.

Photo of Sandile Hlatshwayo

Sandile Hlatshwayo

Sandile Hlatshwayo recently received her PhD in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley and will join the International Monetary Fund in the fall.

Photo of Susan Hockfield

Susan Hockfield

Susan Hockfield, President Emerita and Professor of Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Foundation Board.

Photo of Ralph Hoffman

Ralph Hoffman

Ralph Hoffman is Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University.

Photo of Peter Hoffmann

Peter Hoffmann

Peter Hoffmann is the author of Tomorrow's Energy – Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and the Prospects for a Cleaner Planet, and is editor and publisher of The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter (www.hfcletter.com).

Photo of Reiner Hoffmann

Reiner Hoffmann

Reiner Hoffmann is Chairman of the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB).

Photo of Paul Hofheinz

Paul Hofheinz

Paul Hofheinz is President of the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank.

Photo of Bert Hofman

Bert Hofman

Bert Hofman is Chief Economist for the East Asia and Pacific Region at the World Bank.

Photo of Nguyen Chu Hoi

Nguyen Chu Hoi

Nguyen Chu Hoi is Professor of Marine Science and Governance Policy at Vietnam National University, Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Marine Environment and Nature, and former Deputy Administrat…

Photo of Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, chief architect of the Dayton Peace Accords and former US Ambassador to the UN, was US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Photo of Steve Holliday

Steve Holliday

Steve Holliday is Chief Executive of National Grid, which owns the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales and operates the system across Great Britain.

Photo of John Holmes

John Holmes

John Holmes is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

Photo of Göran Holmqvist

Göran Holmqvist

Göran Holmqvist is on leave from the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, where he was acting Director General.

Photo of Iryna Holovko

Iryna Holovko

Iryna Holovko is a Ukraine campaigner at CEE Bankwatch Network and the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

Photo of Jonathan Holslag

Jonathan Holslag

Jonathan Holslag, a research fellow at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies, is the author of China and India: Prospects for Peace.

Photo of David Hone

David Hone

David Hone is Chief Climate Change Adviser at Royal Dutch Shell.

Photo of Pingfan Hong

Pingfan Hong

Pingfan Hong is Chief of the Global Economic Monitoring Unit of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Photo of Leroy Hood

Leroy Hood

Professor Hood is President and cofounder of the Institute for Systems Biology, a private nonprofit research institute in Seattle, Washington. One of the pioneers in the Human Genome Project and automa…

Photo of Pervez Hoodbhoy

Pervez Hoodbhoy

Pervez Hoodbhoy is professor of physics at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Photo of James Hooper

James Hooper

James Hooper is a managing director of The Public International Law and Policy Group.

Photo of Henning Hopf

Henning Hopf

Henning Hopf is a professor in the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Photo of Stephen Hopper

Stephen Hopper

Stephen Hopper is Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Photo of William Horsley

William Horsley

William Horsley, Media Freedom Representative of the Association of European Journalists, is International Director of the Center for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield in the United …

Photo of Sue Horton

Sue Horton

Sue Horton is Vice-President of Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada.

Photo of Sara Hossain

Sara Hossain

Sara Hossain is a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and an honorary executive director of the Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust.

Photo of Sabine Hossenfelder

Sabine Hossenfelder

Sabine Hossenfelder is an assistant professor at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo of Eri Hotta

Eri Hotta

Eri Hotta is the author, most recently, of Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy.

Photo of David P. Houghton

David P. Houghton

David Patrick Houghton is a professor of political science at the University of Central Florida.

Photo of John T. Houghton

John T. Houghton

John Theodore Houghton, a former professor of atmospheric physics at the University of Oxford, and founder of the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, was the co-chair of the IPCC’s scie…

Photo of Hani Hourani

Hani Hourani

Hani Hourani, a political analyst, is Director General of Al-Urdun al-Jadid, a research center based in Amman, Jordan.

Photo of Trevor Houser

Trevor Houser

Trevor Houser is a visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington DC and author of Leveling the Carbon Playing Field: International Competition and US Climate Poli…

Photo of Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Michael Howard, Leader of the Conservative Party, is a former British Home Office Minister.

Photo of Lee Howell

Lee Howell

Lee Howell is a member of the Management Board of the World Economic Forum.

Photo of Robert Howse

Robert Howse

Robert Howse is a professor at New York University School of Law.

Photo of Sotiraq Hroni

Sotiraq Hroni

Sotiraq Hroni, is a former Albanian diplomat, worked as advisor to the Albanian Prime Minister during the crisis of 1997 and was for two years an advisor to Albania's President. He founded the Institut…

Photo of Khaled Hroub

Khaled Hroub

Khaled Hroub is Director of Cambridge University’s Arab Media Project and author of Hamas: Political Thought and Practice.

Photo of Fred Hu

Fred Hu

Fred Hu is Chairman and Founder of Primavera Capital Group, a China-based global investment firm.

Photo of Yong Hu

Yong Hu

Hu Yong is a media critic in Beijing.

Photo of Yasheng Huang

Yasheng Huang

Yasheng Huang is Professor of Global Economics and Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Photo of Glenn Hubbard

Glenn Hubbard

Glenn Hubbard, a former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush, is Dean of Columbia Business School.

Photo of Florian Huber

Florian Huber

Florian Huber is an economist in the Foreign Research division of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

Photo of Clifford Hudis

Clifford Hudis

Chief of Breast Cancer Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

Photo of Jackie Hunter

Jackie Hunter

Jackie Hunter, CEO of Pharmivation, was previously Head of Science Environment Development at GlaxoSmithkline.

Photo of Robert E. Hunter

Robert E. Hunter

Robert E. Hunter, US ambassador to NATO from 1993 to 1998, is a senior adviser at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization.

Photo of Rod Hunter

Rod Hunter

Rod Hunter, a senior director for international economics on the White House's National Security Council under President George W. Bush, is a senior vice president at the Pharmaceutical Research and M…

Photo of Saleemul Huq

Saleemul Huq

Saleemul Huq is the head of the Climate Change Group at IIED.

Photo of Heather Hurlburt

Heather Hurlburt

Heather Hurlburt, Director of the New Models of Policy Change initiative at New America, has held foreign-policy positions in the White House, the US Department of State, and the US Congress.

Photo of John K. Hurley

John K. Hurley

John K. Hurley, Founder and Managing Partner of Cavalry Asset Management, is a member of the Board of Directors of Business Executives for National Security.

Photo of Anna Husarska

Anna Husarska

Anna Husarska is Senior Policy Adviser at the International Rescue Committee.

Photo of Robert Hutchings

Robert Hutchings

Robert Hutchings is Dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

Photo of John Hutton

John Hutton

Lord Hutton of Furness was UK Minister of State for Health in 1999-2005; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office in 2005; Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 2…

Photo of Hugh Huxley

Hugh Huxley

Hugh Huxley was deputy director of the Medical Research Council Molecular Biological Laboratory in Cambridge, and joint head of the structural-studies division. He is currently at the Rosenstiel Basic …

Photo of Jana Hybaskova

Jana Hybaskova

Jana Hybaskova, is a former Czech ambassador to Kuwait and is Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Israel of the European Parliament.

Photo of Dana J. Hyde

Dana J. Hyde

Dana J. Hyde is CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Photo of Danuta Hübner

Danuta Hübner

Danuta Hübner is Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

Photo of Michael Hüther

Michael Hüther

Michael Hüther is Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research.