Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vishakha N. Desai

Vishakha N. Desai is President of the Asia Society.

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Asian Women on Top

Asia still has women leaders who came to power at least partly because of their family ties. But 2011 witnessed a major change: these leaders now seem to use their positions with far more confidence p… read more

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Obama’s Asian Vision

The current financial crisis, which has made abundantly clear that the center of global economic power has shifted toward the East, has underlined the need for Barack Obama to address the Asia-PAcific … read more

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A New Tang Dynasty?

The Beijing Olympics recall another time when China dazzled the world at its doorstep: the Tang dynasty (618-907), often thought of as China’s golden age, when it was truly the “middle kingdom” at the… read more

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Another Buddha Destroyed

When Taliban forces destroyed the monumental Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan in 2001, political and cultural leaders from around the world condemned the attacks, and offers of help poured in. N… read more

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