Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thomas I. Palley

Dr. Thomas I. Palley is an economist living in Washington DC.
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Death by Renminbi

In a normal world, the dollar’s weakening would be welcome, as it would help the US come to grips with its unsustainable trade deficit. But, in a world where China links its currency to the dollar at … read more

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Motor City Meltdown

The financial crisis that began in 2007 has been persistently marked by muddled thinking and haphazard policymaking. Now, the US Treasury is headed for a mistake of historic proportions by refusing to… read more

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Cut Now, Save Later

Central banks around the world have finally reacted to the global financial crisis by engineering a coordinated half-point interest-rate cut. That is welcome, but more rate cuts are needed without del… read more

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Speculators at the Pumps

Until a few weeks ago, while oil prices were surging, debate raged about the relative roles of economic fundamentals and speculation in boosting oil prices. Although oil prices have now fallen back fr… read more

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Beating the Oil Barons

Reflecting their faith in markets, most economists dismiss the idea that speculation is responsible for the spike in oil prices over the past 18 months. But, while proving that speculation is responsi… read more

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The Debt Delusion

As US policy-makers desperately seek to stave off recession by slashing interest rates and enacting stimulus packages, a fundamental contradiction continues to be overlooked: since 1980, the US econom… read more

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