Thursday, July 20, 2017

G. P. Zachary

G. Pascal Zachary is the author of Married to Africa: a Love Story.

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Obama in Africa

On July 10, one very important descendant of black Africa will make a triumphant return to the motherland. But Barack Obama’s visit to Ghana, while heavy on symbolism, reveals the limits of his power:… read more

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California Dying

While the new Obama administration is commanding global attention, America’s future may be written – as so many times before – in and by its largest state. Once the lodestar for American optimism and … read more

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Zuma Rising

The anxiety over Jacob Zuma’s election as president of South Africa obscures a significant milestone: for the first time in decades, a sub-Saharan nation has at its helm a champion of ordinary people.

Newsart for Africa’s Immunity
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Africa’s Immunity

In sub-Saharan Africa, there are few hints of the global financial crisis that is consuming the capitalist world. The region’s historical marginalization within the international financial system – so… read more

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Uganda’s Smart Protectionism

For too long, African governments have listened to the siren song of free trade – and have suffered from too much openness, not too little. But, with the US and the European Union unwilling to slash t… read more

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