Thursday, August 17, 2017

Carlos P. Llana

Carlos Pérez Llana, a former Argentine ambassador to France, is Vice-President for International Affairs, 21st Century University, Córdoba, Argentina, and a professor at T. Di Tella University, Buenos Aires.

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Newsart for Has Cuba Lost its Last Chance?
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Has Cuba Lost its Last Chance?

Raúl Castro’s consolidation of his position as successor to his brother Fidel has confirmed the Cuban military's hegemony within the country, making any serious near-term political and economic openin… read more

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Chávez at Bay.

Hugo Chávez’s defeat in a plebiscite designed to prolong his rule and increase his power will inspire important changes not only in Venezuela, but across Latin America. While the outcome is a defeat f… read more

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Three Paths to America

Latin American governments are all watching the same news about Bush’s growing trials and tribulations, but their responses to the looming transfer of power in the United States are very different. Un… read more

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