Wednesday, February 22, 2017
  1. The WTO Reborn?

    Arvind Subramanian

    The WTO Reborn?


     identifies three key developments that could enable the revival of trade multilateralism.

    Press conference IMF WTO OECD
    Recent rebukes of globalization, such as the UK's Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as US president, suggest that the marginalization of the World Trade Organization will continue. But these outcomes may actually have the opposite effect, owing to three key developments. READ MORE
  2. Achieving an African Industrial Revolution

    Justin Yifu Lin, ET AL

    Achieving an African Industrial Revolution

    &  propose partnerships between Italy and China to support the continent's economic modernization.

    Addis Aba CHinese investment v2 Eric Lafforgue/Getty Images
    After decades in the slow lane, Africa's economy has had its foot on the accelerator, with impressive growth since the mid-2000s solidifying its potential as the global economy's next new growth engine. But sustaining rapid development will take work – and help from countries like China and Italy. READ MORE
  3. How to Be a Misleader

    Lucy P. Marcus
  4. America’s Dangerous Neo-Protectionism

    Kaushik Basu

    America’s Dangerous Neo-Protectionism


     explains why protectionist policies will harm the very workers Donald Trump promised to help.

    Atlantic City poor people John Moore/Getty Images
    Donald Trump has promised to save US jobs by slapping import tariffs on foreign goods, influencing exchange rates, restricting inflows of foreign workers, and creating disincentives for outsourcing. But, while the US working class is undoubtedly facing major challenges today, protectionism is not the way to help them. READ MORE
  5. Trump’s Anachronistic Trade Strategy

    Richard Baldwin

    Trump’s Anachronistic Trade Strategy


     explains how protectionist policies could hasten offshoring and further harm American workers.

    Trump supporters inauguration Spencer Platt/Getty Images
    Donald Trump and his team of trade advisers are approaching a twenty-first-century problem with twentieth-century solutions that will only worsen the plight of the US working and middle classes. Over the past two decades, the information revolution has changed the world in ways that tariffs cannot reverse. READ MORE
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