Saturday, January 21, 2017
  1. Taming the Chaebols

    Lee Jong-Wha

    Taming the Chaebols


     sees an opportunity in South Korea's political turmoil for much-needed economic reform.

    Protesters want immediate removal of Hye Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images
    At the heart of South Korea's political turmoil – in which the National Assembly has already the president impeached – is the reciprocal relationship between politicians and the giant family-owned conglomerates that dominate the economy. The government should take this opportunity to dismantle this decades-old system. READ MORE
  2. In Defense of Globalization

    Jim O'Neill

    In Defense of Globalization


     argues that trade is not zero-sum – and that we need more of it if we are to eradicate poverty.

    Women in Kinshasa Eduardo Soteras/Stringer
    Thanks to globalization, economic inequality among countries has declined sharply in the past 20 years, reflecting not only China’s rise, but also economic development across Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere. Are globalization’s critics – those who wrongly consider it a zero-sum game – against eradicating global poverty? READ MORE
  3. The Trump Deficit

    Kenneth Rogoff

    The Trump Deficit


     debunks the myth that Republican US administrations are invariably committed to fiscal prudence.

    Newsart for The Trump Deficit Zach Gibson/Getty Images
    It is a post-financial-crisis myth that austerity-minded conservative governments always favor fiscal prudence while redistribution-oriented progressives view large deficits as the world’s biggest free lunch. This simplistic perspective badly misses the true underlying political economy of deficits. READ MORE
  4. Trump’s Defective Industrial Policy

    Dani Rodrik

    Trump’s Defective Industrial Policy


     foresees cronyism and bullying of companies, not effective public-private collaboration.

    Newsart for Trump’s Defective Industrial Policy Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
    Donald Trump has yet to take office, but his brand of flawed industrial policy has been on full display since his surprise election victory. Once Trump is inaugurated, we can expect his administration to vacillate between cronyism and bullying, while doing little for American workers or the economy as a whole. READ MORE
  5. Trump’s Tax Plan and the Dollar

    Emmanuel Farhi, ET AL

    Trump’s Tax Plan and the Dollar

    , ET AL 16

    , ET AL  do not expect corporate-tax cuts paired with tariffs to improve US competitiveness.

    NYC cargo ship Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images
    US President-elect Donald Trump wants a "border-adjustment" tax as part of his corporate-tax reforms. But such measures are suitable only for countries that maintain a fixed exchange rate or are in a currency union; for countries with a floating exchange rate, currency appreciation will cancel out any competitiveness gains. READ MORE
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