In a Democracy, We Deserve the Leaders We Elect

Perhaps we should stop complaining about the lack of inspiring leaders, and instead take a long look in the mirror.

President Obama, the quintessential self-made man, preaches the importance of government assistance and community to help overcome adversity. Governor Romney, the quintessential patrician, preaches self-reliance, that government is never the answer, and individuals must take responsibility for their own success or failure.

Whatever you think of President Obama's politics, admire his life's story. A bi-racial child (born at a time when many American states considered his parents' relationship a criminal offense) whose father abandoned the family, Obama grew up in various step-homes, and ultimately was raised by his grandparents.

It took a huge amount of work, discipline and tough choices for President Obama to make the leap from that background to the presidency. As we look at the least fortunate third of American society, we see a group that, in many cases, lacks discipline and has made bad choices.