A Pascal Wager for France

How can we influence the economic policies of the new administration? I have lists ready: a short list of principles, a slightly longer list of institutional boundary rules, and an infinite list of market-friendly policies. I need an entry point, an avenue to the decision makers...

I know! I will spend My Night With Maud.

It is a film by Eric Rohmer in which a French Engineer allows his important life choices to be dictated by Pascal’s Wager -- it pays to believe in god because if god exists you gain eternity and if god does not exist you lose nothing. If you wager against god and god exists you have misery. Either way, if god exists you keep the status quo but make a few little sacrifices. Such as no more passionate love outside marriage. The Engineer is not persuaded by the seductive Bohemian divorcee who tells him ‘choose love not god’. He goes to church. There, in silence, he chooses a pretty girl sitting in the pews opposite. The Engineer even persuades his agnostic marxist-philosopher friend to accompany him to church. He has carnal eye-contact with wife-to-be over the shoulder of the philosopher.

In my secular script the marxist-philosopher friend will offer to personally introduce the Engineer into President Hollande’s inner circle. They discuss how they will do this over coffees and mineral water in a cafeteria in Tulle, where Francois Hollande built his political base.