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The Big Picture

Trump's Summit Plummet

Barely two weeks after pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement, US President Donald Trump has now canceled a planned nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. What does the US's latest volte-face mean for East Asia – and for nonproliferation efforts generally?

In this Big PictureRamesh Thakur shows that the collapse of talks was all too predictable, but suggests that prudent diplomacy through more traditional channels could still continue. Similarly, Bill Emmott explains how the US's negotiating position was untenable, and sees the advantage in the region shifting quickly to China. 

Meanwhile, Jeffrey D. Sachs widens the lens to show that US credibility in nonproliferation efforts is being undercut by its drive to expand its own nuclear-weapons capacity. And Richard Haass, writing last year, offers ten broad lessons for the Trump administration to consider as it plans its next steps.

A screen showing images of South Korea's president Moon Jae-in, US president Donald Trump, China's president Xi Jinping, and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un KIM SUE-HAN/AFP/Getty Images
 An inflatable nuclear missile balloon in Washington, DC Win McNamee/Getty Images
 South Korean activist wearing a mask of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un Jung Yeon Je/Getty Images;

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