Thursday, August 24, 2017
  1. Culture & Society

    Is Violence the Way to Fight Racism?

    Peter Singer
  2. Politics

    The New Nuclear Danger

    Joschka Fischer

    The New Nuclear Danger


     insists that while the threat has evolved since the Cold War, it is still best met with restraint.

    Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Since the end of the Cold War, the risk of nuclear-armed superpowers triggering Armageddon has been substantially reduced. But it has been replaced by the increasing threat of smaller countries, usually ruled by unstable or dictatorial regimes, pursuing nuclear weapons to shore up their own safety and geopolitical interests. READ MORE
  3. Economics

    Experts and Inequality

    Kaushik Basu
  4. World Affairs

    The Achilles Heel of Putin’s Regime

    Anders Åslund
    World Affairs

    The Achilles Heel of Putin’s Regime


     believes that Russia's lack of credible property rights has given the West powerful leverage.

    Vladimir Putin Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images
    Russia’s crony capitalism is weaker than it seems. In fact, President Vladimir Putin’s consolidation of power has created a major potential threat to his authority, because the lack of credible property rights forces senior Russian officials and oligarchs to hold their money abroad. READ MORE
  5. Business & Finance

    Japan’s “Land of Opportunity”

    Hiroshi Mikitani
    Business & Finance

    Japan’s “Land of Opportunity”


     wants his country to move in the opposite direction of Donald Trump's America on immigration.

    Rakuten headquarters in Tokyo Behrouz Mehri/Getty Images
    Donald Trump's policies on immigration and foreign investment in the United States have striking parallels to Japan’s historic aversion to welcoming outsiders. But as the US moves to close its doors, Japan must go in the other direction, by creating an alternative land of opportunity for talent fleeing the West. READ MORE


How Long Can the Eurozone Survive Without Greater Integration?

Kenneth Rogoff examines the long-term prospects for Europe’s single-currency.

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