Friday, March 27, 2015

Anatomy of the Global Economy

J. Bradford DeLong

In economic matters, opinion moves more slowly than events. And yet nowhere is anticipating the future so important. This is why Project Syndicate is proud to provide its members with J. Bradford DeLong'sexclusive commentaries on global economic developments.

A Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley, J. Bradford DeLong is at the forefront of both economic thinking and policy development. Steeped in practical experience as Assistant US Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration, he recognizes that economic analysis requires careful reflection and respect for the possibility of the unexpected.

DeLong’s work on Mexico’s bailout in the 1990’s put him at the forefront of Latin America’s transformation into a region of open economies. Today, his ideas inform debates about central banks and currencies, and his views and predictions are sought everywhere. With Project Syndicate, J. Bradford DeLong's lucid style and clear thinking help millions of readers orient themselves in today’s tumult of contradictory news and opinions.

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