Saturday, August 2, 2014

Allan Hauer

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Science is the center of my life having spent 27 years as a physicist and manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I also love poetry, art and music but science is the unifying theme. I also sometimes use “Science” with a capital “S”. I am a Fellow of the American Physical Society
I enjoy formulating analyses of general social and economic issues from a scientific perspective. Some might characterize my approach as “technocratic” but I believe that the scientific perspective is far more diverse and rich than that cliché would imply.
I’m an intellectual child of the 60’s. I willingly leaped into the world of space and computers, riding the wave of uniformly positive public opinion of science and technology and American success. Unfortunately that wave has to a great degree, broken on the shore of rigid ideology, stereotyped thinking and prejudice- but I have high hopes for the new “waves of the future”.

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