Saturday, July 12, 2014
  1. Modi’s Hypocrisy

    Shashi Tharoor

    Modi’s Hypocrisy


     argues that India's new government is adopting the policies that it previously opposed.

    Narendra Modi India Today/ZumaPress

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters viewed his overwhelming victory in India’s general elections as a sweeping repudiation of everything for which the previous government stood. But, in just a few weeks, the new government's weakness and hypocrisy has become starkly apparent. READ MORE

  2. Is There A Right To Secede?

    Peter Singer
  3. Renzi’s Promise

    Fabrizio Tassinari

    Renzi’s Promise


     is optimistic that Italy's popular, young prime minister can change Europe's political discourse.

    Matteo Renzi Matteo Renzi/Wikimedia Commons

    Watching Italian soccer fans last month, one might think that a World Cup victory was the country’s most important opportunity this year. But it is the government’s performance in the six-month EU presidency that matters most to the country – and to Europe. READ MORE

  4. Blick über Juncker hinaus

    Howard Davies
  5. China’s Resurgent Warlords

    Masahiro Matsumura

    China’s Resurgent Warlords


     links North Korea’s execution of Chang Song-thaek to Chinese political infighting.

    North Korea Dancing Girls leef_smith/flickr

    Last December, the world was appalled by the North Korean government’s execution of Chang Song-thaek, the regime’s de facto second in command and China's favorite North Korean interlocutor. It now seems that the decision was rooted in factional struggles within the Chinese Communist Party. READ MORE

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