Wednesday, July 1, 2015
  1. Простота

    Georgy Satarov
  2. The EU’s Turkish Opening

    Javier Solana

    The EU’s Turkish Opening


     underscores the bilateral relationship’s importance in addressing the Middle East’s crises.

    Istanbul MacPepper/Flickr

    Turkey’s recent general election, in which voters handed the ruling Justice and Development Party its worst result in more than a decade, sent a powerful message: Turkish democracy remains intact. The EU should use this opportunity to renew its relationship with the country and address shared concerns – especially in the Middle East. READ MORE

  3. Why Latin America’s Center is Holding

    Andrés Velasco
  4. Поворот Синдзо Абэ в сторону Азии

    Bill Emmott
  5. Europe’s Race to the Bottom on Refugees

    Peter Sutherland

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