Saturday, March 7, 2015
  1. Machiavelli in Euroland

    Harold James

    Machiavelli in Euroland


     emphasizes the importance of conviction to the effective exercise of political cunning.

    Machiavelli Statue Crashworks/Flickr

    More than 500 years after writing his famous political treatise The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli has reemerged as one of Europe's most popular political thinkers. And, indeed, at a time when economic policymakers are facing extraordinarily confusing challenges, he has some useful advice to offer. READ MORE

  2. Trashing the ASEAN Brand

    Gareth Evans

    Trashing the ASEAN Brand


     warns that political backsliding in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia harms the entire region.

    Buddha trash bag Janne Moren/Flickr

    Three of Southeast Asia's most important states – Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia – are raising serious doubts about their commitment to the rule of law, the integrity of their judicial systems, and the quality of mercy in the administration of justice. Worse, their political backsliding jeopardizes the entire region's prospects. READ MORE

  3. Japan’s Sensitive Military Normalization

    Jamie Metzl

    Japan’s Sensitive Military Normalization


     says that seven decades of exemplary behavior cannot overcome opposition to a new defense posture.

    Japan self defense force officers U.S. Pacific Fleet/Flickr

    Given the threats that Japan faces – and its exemplary record of responsible behavior since WWII – constitutional constraints on its ability to defend itself should be eased. But overcoming opposition to Japan's military normalization will require the country to demonstrate that it has come to terms fully with its wartime record. READ MORE

  4. Bibi s’en va à Washington

    Ian Buruma
  5. The Perilous Politics of the Euro

    Andrés Velasco

    The Perilous Politics of the Euro


     wonders whether the common currency will abort the political union that it was meant to advance.

    Euro currency Kevin Harber/Flickr

    The jury is still out on whether Greece will manage to avoid default, remain in the eurozone, and reverse the brutal contraction of its economy. But any fair panel already would have issued a verdict on the political consequences of the common currency: utter failure. READ MORE

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