Tuesday, July 7, 2015
  1. Greece’s Vote for Sovereignty

    Dani Rodrik
  2. Greece’s “No” is No Victory for Democracy

    Bernard-Henri Lévy

    Greece’s “No” is No Victory for Democracy


     argues that, far from defending democracy, the Greek referendum subverted it.

    greeks celebrate no vote Chris Stowers/ZumaPress

    Despite what many are saying – especially those who do not have to bear the consequences of their words – Greek voters’ rejection on Sunday of the latest bailout offer from their country’s creditors did not represent a “victory for democracy.” In fact, it is quite the opposite. READ MORE

  3. Statesmanship and the Greek Crisis

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Statesmanship and the Greek Crisis


     urges the leaders of Greece and Germany to take bold steps to solve the euro crisis.

    tsipras merkel Zhang Fan/ZumaPress

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have the opportunity to go down in history as great European statesmen. Rapprochement between their two countries, combined with the promise of debt relief, will restore economic confidence and save Greece and the euro. READ MORE

  4. Syria’s Final Countdown

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    Syria’s Final Countdown


     examines the response by the actors in the Syrian war to Assad's increasingly likely defeat.

    Syrian fighter in Damscus Amer Almohipany/ZumaPress

    A series of crucial defeats has laid to rest any illusions that the Syrian government is in control of its country. As it becomes clear that Bashar al-Assad is losing the war, world powers and regional players need to start thinking about its aftermath. READ MORE

  5. Poetin in simpele woorden

    Georgy Satarov

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