Friday, October 9, 2015
  1. 北京对决亿万富翁

    Sin-ming Shaw
  2. 回到社会主义

    Ian Buruma
  3. Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus

    Andrei Kolesnikov

    Putin’s Crooked Road to Damascus


     asks why, despite Russia's economic travails, its president remains overwhelmingly popular at home.

    Vladimir Putin with female Russian child in Red Square.

    When Vladimir Putin addressed the UN General Assembly on September 28, he sought to grab the world’s attention by upstaging US President Barack Obama with his call for a united front against the Islamic State. But he was also addressing Russians, whom he needs to distract from their country’s increasingly obvious economic woes. READ MORE

  4. 博纳冲击

    Simon Johnson
  5. The Fire Forging Europe

    Carl Bildt

    The Fire Forging Europe


     sees in the refugee influx the old pattern whereby crises lead to further European unification.

    Refugee maritime debris on Mediterranean shore. AftonbladetIBL/ZUMA Wire

    European leaders have bitterly disagreed on the best way to handle the large numbers of refugees crossing the Mediterranean, once again sparking talk of crisis in the EU. And yet in today's disagreements could lie the roots of a stronger union. READ MORE


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277 pages

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