Tuesday, September 30, 2014
  1. Addicted to Putin

    Maxim Trudolyubov

    Addicted to Putin


     provides a glimpse into the mindset that is fueling ordinary Russians' support for their president.

    Vladimir Putin tshirt Anna Sergeeva/ZumaPress

    Watching Russia’s worrying trajectory under President Vladimir Putin, many foreign observers ask how a leader who is so apparently driving his country toward the abyss can remain so popular. The answer is simple: Putin’s supporters – that is, a hefty majority of Russians – do not see the danger ahead. READ MORE

  2. “Whatever It Takes” in Ukraine

    Jorge Mariscal

    “Whatever It Takes” in Ukraine

    & 1

    &  argue that the ECB's approach to the eurozone crisis should be applied in Ukraine.

    Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergii Kharchenko/ZumaPress

    Europe’s efforts to revive its economy and confront the crisis in Ukraine may seem to be two entirely separate challenges. But policymakers, struggling to contain Russia and find an acceptable long-term settlement on Europe's eastern borders, could learn a lot from the way ECB President Mario Draghi has managed to stabilize the eurozone. READ MORE

  3. "جرائم" السياسة

    Michael J. Boskin
  4. الصين واحتضان الهند المدروس

    Minghao Zhao
  5. لم شمل المملكة المتحدة

    Chris Patten

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