Sunday, December 21, 2014
  1. Why Cuba Turned

    Jorge G. Castañeda

    Why Cuba Turned


     argues that plunging oil prices gave President Raúl Castro no choice but to mend ties with the US.

    US Cuba normalize relations Charles Trainor Jr/ZumaPress

    The agreement between the US and Cuba to resume diplomatic relations looks like a victory for the communist island. But that conclusion leaves out a crucial variable: the collapse in the price of oil, which leaves Cuba economically vulnerable and increases the likelihood of political change. READ MORE

  2. Unlocking ASEAN’s Potential

    Kishore Mahbubani

    Unlocking ASEAN’s Potential

    &  on how southeast Asia's emerging bloc can achieve its ambitious goal of creating an open market.

    Unlocking doors sea turtle/Flickr

    For decades, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been asking whether ten countries with different cultures, political systems, and levels of economic development can act in concert to expand their collective potential. Judging by their leaders' ambitious vision for cooperation, the answer may be yes. READ MORE

  3. شي ومناورة الإصلاح

    Andrew Sheng
  4. مواجهة التوجهات المعاديه لليبراليه

    Chris Patten
  5. بوتن وقواعد الجاذبية

    Joseph S. Nye

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