Thursday, January 29, 2015
  1. A Surfing Reflection

    Peter Singer

    A Surfing Reflection


     rides the waves in his native Australia and contemplates what sets the sport apart.

    surfing sunset Dima Bencheci/Flickr

    Some sports are inherently competitive, in the sense that players cannot exhibit the full range of their skills without being pushed by a strong opponent. Surfing is different: the challenges are intrinsic to the activity and do not involve beating anyone. READ MORE

  2. The Adaptation Imperative

    Achim Steiner

    The Adaptation Imperative


     points out a neglected challenge that this year's global climate agreement must address.

    China pollution Adam Cohn/Flickr

    The recently completed UN climate conference in Lima, Peru, featured a new and welcome focus on the importance of adaptation. But how to provide the funding, technology, and knowledge that countries, communities, and ecosystems need to adjust to climate change requires further articulation. READ MORE

  3. Disaster and Development

    Helen Clark

    Disaster and Development


     urges countries to invest in preparedness as part of a broad, national response to disaster risk.

    Philippines storm damage tree Stringer/ZumaPress

    Since the beginning of the century, disasters like storms and earthquakes have killed more than a million people and caused nearly $2 trillion in economic damage. By investing in preparedness, as the Philippines has done, countries can build resilience and save lives. READ MORE

  4. Financing Climate Safety

    Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Financing Climate Safety


     argues that plummeting oil prices offer an ideal opportunity to introduce carbon pricing.

    Ricardo Hausmann resource rich countries like .Latin America victimized by those with superior technology Imahornfan/flickr

    When the global financial system works properly, savings are channeled into investments that raise living standards; when it malfunctions, savings finance real-estate bubbles and environmentally harmful projects, including those that worsen climate change. Next year will be a turning point in the effort to create a better system. READ MORE

  5. Please Steal Our Fossil Fuels

    Adair Turner

    Please Steal Our Fossil Fuels


     worries that low fossil-fuel prices will undermine investment in green energy.

    Gas prices falling Dean Hanson/ZumaPress

    The main threat to a prosperous low-carbon future is the waste that low fossil-fuel prices encourage. If some extra-terrestrial thief stole two-thirds of the world’s oil, gas, and coal reserves, we could still enjoy the household appliances, information technology, heating, lighting, and mobility that define the modern world. READ MORE

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