Thursday, April 17, 2014
  1. Global Warming’s Upside-Down Narrative

    Bjørn Lomborg
  2. Managing Climate Risk

    Chris Field
  3. Homelands for Plants

    Stuart Pimm

    Homelands for Plants


     proposes guidelines for efforts to protect plant biodiversity.

    Newsart for Homelands for Plants USFWS/Ryan Haggety/Flickr

    The biodiversity that enables, enriches, and extends our lives is under threat, as human activity devastates forests and other plant-rich habitats. The question now is how quickly are undescribed species being destroyed – and what can be done to stop it. READ MORE

  4. Rethinking Emissions Reduction

    David Hone

    Rethinking Emissions Reduction


     proposes a new model to guide efforts to combat climate change.

    Newsart for Rethinking Emissions Reduction

    Renewables and energy efficiency are consistently regarded as the solution to global warming. But a closer look at the state of the global energy system, together with a more refined understanding of the emissions challenge, reveals that carbon capture and storage may well be the critical technology for mitigating climate change. READ MORE

  5. Blue is the New Green

    Yasser Al-Saleh

    Blue is the New Green


     recommends replacing top-down "green growth" models with a business-driven "blue" economy.

    Newsart for Blue is the New Green Margaret Scott

    In recent years, calls to replace conventional “brown” economic development with a lower-carbon “green growth" model have been growing increasingly loud. But there is a third, more competitive option: a “blue” economy driven by business-level innovation, rather than top-down policies. READ MORE

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39 pages

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