Sunday, March 29, 2015
  1. Death and Hope on the High Seas

    Derek Tittensor
  2. The Price of Biodiversity

    Bjørn Lomborg

    The Price of Biodiversity


     suggests that protecting forests and coral reefs provides the highest return on investment.

    Faun butterfly rain forest gbohne/Flickr

    According to three new studies, preserving biodiversity is not just a desirable goal; it also makes good financial sense, at least for some projects. World leaders, in choosing the targets that will guide the global development agenda for the next 15 years, should take note. READ MORE

  3. A Global Strategy for Disaster Risk

    Ban Ki-moon

    A Global Strategy for Disaster Risk


     explains why business leaders are gathering in Sendai, Japan.

    tornado Niccolo Ubalducci/Flickr

    The annual cost of damage to commercial and residential buildings worldwide is now expected to average $314 billion, with the private sector bearing as much as 85% of the price tag. That is why hundreds of business executives are now preparing to attend a UN conference on disaster-risk reduction in Sendai, Japan. READ MORE

  4. Gender Equality and Earth's Future

    Mary Robinson, ET AL

    Gender Equality and Earth's Future

    , ET AL 6

    , ET AL  urge those working on sustainable development to put women's rights at the center of the effort.

    Business women walking J Ota/Flickr

    Gender equality is not just the concern of half the world's population; it is a human right that is critical for the future of the planet. Women's rights must be fully integrated into efforts to promote sustainable development and fight climate change. READ MORE

  5. A Bright Future for Clean Technology

    Jon Creyts, ET AL

    A Bright Future for Clean Technology

    & 0

    &  explain why turmoil in an emerging sector should not be mistaken for long-term trouble.

    Wind turbine blue sky danishwindindustryassociation/Flickr

    Observers might be forgiven for thinking that clean technology's moment in the sun has passed. But the convulsions ravaging the sector are simply symptoms of a cycle that characterizes emerging technologies: excitement, inflated expectations, and consolidation – ultimately followed by stability and growth. READ MORE

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