Monday, July 6, 2015
  1. Africa’s Low-Carbon Revolution

    Kevin Watkins

    Africa’s Low-Carbon Revolution


     has high hopes for renewable technologies’ potential to deliver power to the continent’s poor.

    solar power africa CIFOR/Flickr

    With the right regulatory environment and sufficient financing, renewable-energy technologies could transform Africa’s energy sector, bringing power to millions of the region’s citizens. Given the extent to which a lack of access to power impedes growth, job creation, and poverty reduction, there is no time to waste. READ MORE

  2. A Climate Apollo Program

    Gus O'Donnell
  3. Food in the Age of Biofuels

    José Graziano da Silva
  4. A Healthy, Climate-Friendly Diet

    Brahma Chellaney

    A Healthy, Climate-Friendly Diet


     homes in on rising meat consumption as the primary driver of environmental degradation.

    eating on everest gromanuk/Flickr

    The single biggest driver of environmental degradation and resource stress today is our changing diet, which is not particularly conducive to human health, either. Just as governments have worked to discourage smoking, so must they encourage citizens to eat a balanced diet – for the sake of their health and that of our planet. READ MORE

  5. The Climate Pope

    Johan Rockström

    The Climate Pope


     praises the message of the Vatican’s just-released encyclical on the environment.

    pope francis Evandro Inetti/ZumaPress

    Pope Francis’s just-released encyclical on the environment sends a powerful message not just to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, but to the rest of the global population as well. Firmly rooted in science, the document recognizes the need for urgent action as the world confronts potentially catastrophic climate change. READ MORE

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