Sunday, April 26, 2015
  1. Save our Soils

    Barbara Unmüssig
  2. An Earth Year

    Johan Rockström

    An Earth Year


     lays out the eight essential components of a successful global climate deal.

    Winter tree Massmo Relsig/Flickr

    This year’s Earth Day, on April 22, should focus the world’s attention on the urgent need for strong and sustained action to counteract climate change. With global leaders set to convene for three major meetings this year, there is reason to hope that 2015 will bring just such a change for the better. READ MORE

  3. Sustainable Energy Now

    Anita George

    Sustainable Energy Now


     forecasts perfect conditions for developing countries' transition to renewable sources of power.

    Solar renewable energy Magharebia/Flickr

    Renewable energy from the wind and sun is becoming competitive with fossil-fuel-based power generation, and oil prices are hitting lows not seen for years. These developments put us at the edge of a global energy transformation – as long as we get the next steps right. READ MORE

  4. Citizens for a Clean Economy

    Monica Araya

    Citizens for a Clean Economy


     urges governments to listen to their citizens when crafting environmental policy.

    Child clean community sweep Marshal Hedin/Flickr

    Over the past 20 years, environmental policies have been decided behind closed doors – with little input from the people who will be most affected by the negotiations. The good news is that a new pattern of citizen participation is emerging, especially in developing countries, as new voices and fresh ideas enter the debate. READ MORE

  5. The Solar Price Revolution

    Klaus Töpfer

    The Solar Price Revolution


     highlights the potential of falling renewable-energy costs to transform production and consumption.

    Solar panel parking garage JN Stuart/Flickr

    We should not underestimate the tremendous potential of renewable energy to build global wealth and fight poverty. As solar power becomes increasingly cost-effective, putting in place policies to favor its adoption will drive economic development and help fight climate change. READ MORE

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