Thursday, July 31, 2014
  1. The Trauma of France’s Jews

    Dominique Moisi

    The Trauma of France’s Jews


     dismisses comparisons of French anti-Semitism today to that of the Nazi era.

    Jewish man in France MortAuPat/Flickr

    In the aftermath of recent attacks on synagogues in France, British and American media reports made comparisons to the Nazi era, with some even referring to a French Kristallnacht. Such hyperbole must be firmly rejected, for it offends the memory of those who suffered at the hands of the collaborationist Vichy regime. READ MORE

  2. One Hundred Days of Servitude

    Gordon Brown

    One Hundred Days of Servitude


     on the global movement for girls' rights that has emerged since the abductions in Nigeria in April.

    Girls Education Erik Törner/IM Individuell Människohjälp

    Education campaigners and activists for girls’ rights held vigils around the world this week to mark the 100th day since more than 200 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school in Chibok. The “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign has spurred a global movement for recognition of girls’ rights – a movement led by girls themselves. READ MORE

  3. The Facebook Furor

    Esther Dyson

    The Facebook Furor


     explores the roots of public outrage over the social-networking site's psychological experiment.

    Mark Zuckerberg Josh Lowensohn/Flickr

    A pyschological experiment conducted by Facebook on nearly 700,000 unwitting users has sparked widespread outrage, with users accusing the company of manipulating them to advance its own interests. But such complaints miss the point. READ MORE

  4. World Cup America

    Anne-Marie Slaughter
  5. From Beethoven to Beijing

    Chris Patten

    From Beethoven to Beijing


     ponders what the opera "Fidelio" has to tell us about China today.

    Hong Kong Victoria Harbor Hong Kong/Rick Chan/Flickr

    Much of the history of the two centuries since the opera "Fidelio" was first performed have centered on the quest for freedom that Beethoven honored. On the whole, liberty has triumphed, though the struggle is not yet over, as recent protests in Hong Kong have shown. READ MORE

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