Saturday, October 10, 2015
  1. Volkswagen and the Future of Honesty

    Peter Singer

    Volkswagen and the Future of Honesty


     believes that corporate behavior like the carmaker's emissions ruse will become increasingly rare.

    Volkswagen logo on car anterior.

    In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, cynics might say that lofty talk of "business ethics" is intended only to camouflage the pursuit of profit. Yet the company’s behavior is odd, because, even – or especially – by the standard of profit maximization, its software ruse was an extraordinarily reckless gamble. READ MORE

  2. Life After Schengen

    Bill Emmott

    Life After Schengen


     warns that border-free travel is now undermining the core EU principle of free movement of people.

    Europe border check. Artur WidakNurPhoto/ZUMA Press

    Throughout Europe’s refugee crisis, which has been building for well over two years now, warnings about the threat to the EU's precious Schengen Area of border-free travel have proliferated. But, at a time of diminished confidence in the EU, would reimposing border controls be such a bad thing? READ MORE

  3. The Limits of the German Promised Land

    Hans-Werner Sinn

    The Limits of the German Promised Land


     provides a dose of realism about the country's capacity to absorb migrants.

    Two refugee children in Germany. Michael TrammerPacific Press/ZUMA Wire

    In order to avert chaos, Germany has no choice but to impose restrictions on the influx of migrants. Doing so will allow Germany to concentrate on the task at hand: providing those granted refugee status the schooling and language lessons they will need to allow them to find employment as quickly as possible. READ MORE

  4. The Unfinished Sexual Revolution

    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    The Unfinished Sexual Revolution


     wants to shift the focus of the movement for women's equality to the role of men.

    Man wearing a red jacket in sunglasses.

    In the US, the revolution for equality between men and women is stuck halfway. While women’s roles have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, with almost 60% of American women now in the workforce, men’s roles have barely budged. READ MORE

  5. The Roots of German Openness

    Dominique Moisi

    The Roots of German Openness


     praises Chancellor Angela Merkel's political leadership in the refugee crisis.

    refugees want germany Artur Widak/ZumaPress

    Germany – a country that, less than a century ago, was a source of huge numbers of refugees – has become the most desired destination for those fleeing the Middle East and Africa, and a moral compass for the rest of Europe. How did the country move so rapidly from darkness to light? READ MORE


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