Tuesday, January 27, 2015
  1. LGBT at Work

    Beth Brooke-Marciniak

    LGBT at Work


     urges companies to shift their cultural focus from "diversity" to "inclusiveness."

    LGBT parade David Yu/Flickr

    When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced to the world that he is gay, many declared that the "lavender ceiling" had finally been cracked. But, though Cook's decision represented a significant step forward, progress toward the goal of workplace inclusiveness remains uneven. READ MORE

  2. What Drives Moral Progress?

    Rebecca Newberger Goldstein
  3. Labor in the Age of Robots

    Guy Ryder

    Labor in the Age of Robots


     believes that automation in the workplace will be one of the defining challenges of our era.

    automated workplaces WorldSkills/Flickr

    Today, anxiety that new technologies could destroy millions of jobs is as high as ever – and rightly so. Adapting the labor market to a world of increasingly automated workplaces will be one of the defining challenges of our era. READ MORE

  4. The “Impact” Illusion in Science

    Henry I. Miller
  5. Middle East Points of Light

    Abdullah Gül

    Middle East Points of Light


     highlights positive regional developments that should be nurtured in the coming year.

    Damascus man praying Alessandra Kocman/Flickr

    The turmoil engulfing the Middle East in 2014 was like nothing seen before in the region, which is why optimism is needed more than ever. Unless the region can build on recent positive developments to restore and secure peace and stability, the alternative may be too grim for even a pessimist to imagine. READ MORE

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