Sunday, December 21, 2014
  1. The Arab World’s Vanishing Christians

    Christian C. Sahner

    The Arab World’s Vanishing Christians


     laments the end of ethnic and religious diversity in the Middle East.

    woman praying Dan Zelazo/Flickr

    This Christmas, thousands of worshipers and tourists will travel to the Middle East to celebrate in the land of the Bible. At a time when the Arab world is aflame with sectarian strife, the observance of the Christian holiday is a sad reminder of the fact that the region was once a polyglot, multiethnic mix of peoples and faiths. READ MORE

  2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Boom

    Brigitte Miksa

    It’s All Over Now, Baby Boom


     asks what it means when, on New Year's Eve this year, the last baby boomer turns 50.

    Baby Boomers Retired Friends Linda Tanner/Flickr

    When Carlos Barientos III, possibly the last US baby boomer, turns 50 this New Year's Eve, the generation that once seemed to define for the world the energy, excitement, and even the irritating nature of youth will officially be “old” – even if, some might say, not entirely grown up. But what does this really mean? READ MORE

  3. Immigration and the New Class Divide

    Ian Buruma
  4. Social Choice and Social Welfare

    Amartya Sen

    Social Choice and Social Welfare


     asks whether the Enlightenment dream of a rationally organized society can still be realized.

    Crowds Lino Gambella/Flickr

    Human beings have always lived in groups, and their individual lives have invariably depended on group decisions. But, given the daunting challenges of group choice, owing to the divergent interests and concerns of the group’s members, how should collective decision-making be carried out? READ MORE

  5. Something to Smile About

    Chris Patten

    Something to Smile About


     provides an argument with teeth about the sources of human happiness.

    Smile white teeth lergik/Flickr

    P.J. O’Rourke had a point when he argued that the best thing about living in the twenty-first century, rather than in some “golden age” of the past, is modern dentistry. At a time when the world is plagued by conflict and tragedy, healthy teeth are a reminder, however mundane, of economic progress and human happiness. READ MORE

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