Sunday, March 29, 2015
  1. Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work

    Andrei Kolesnikov

    Why Sanctions on Russia Don’t Work


     shows that Western pressure has caused Russians to close ranks behind the Kremlin.

    Pro Russia rally St Basil Cathedral Anna Sergeeva/ZumaPress

    The Western approach to Russia assumes that continued pressure on the country will cause President Vladimir Putin’™s regime to make concessions or even crumble. But, as recent opinion polls suggest, such an approach is less likely to undermine the regime than to cause Russians to close ranks in Putin’s defense. READ MORE

  2. Asia’s Almighty Middle Class

    Lee Jong-Wha

    Asia’s Almighty Middle Class


     believes that upward mobility remains the key to the region's economic and political development.

    Asia people lantern street middle class Terry Reilly/Flickr

    Despite recent economic uncertainty, Asia’s middle class is growing fast. In the coming decades, this burgeoning demographic segment will serve as a keystone for economic and political development in the region, with significant implications for the rest of the world. READ MORE

  3. Thomas Piketty’s Japanese Tour

    Yuriko Koike

    Thomas Piketty’s Japanese Tour


     asks why income inequality has become more salient in one of the world's most egalitarian countries.

    Newsart for Thomas Piketty’s Japanese Tour Yury Zap/Shutterstock

    Six months after Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the Twenty-First Century generated so much buzz in the US and Europe, it has become a bestseller in Japan. But vast differences between Japan and its developed counterparts in the West, mean that Piketty's argument, like so many Western exports, has taken on unique characteristics. READ MORE

  4. Russia and America at the Oscars

    Nina L. Khrushcheva
  5. Gender Equality as a Development Goal

    Bjørn Lomborg

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