Wednesday, September 17, 2014
  1. Migration’s Hall of Mirrors

    Peter Sutherland

    Migration’s Hall of Mirrors


     suggests that anti-immigrant sentiment stems largely from misinformation.

    Immigration rally Anuska Sampedro/Flickr

    US President Barack Obama, concerned about his party’s ability to retain control of the Senate, has decided to put off immigration reform until after the election in November. But a new survey, conducted in both Europe and the US, suggests that avoiding the issue is a serious mistake. READ MORE

  2. Choosing Death

    Peter Singer
  3. A Wrong Turn for Human Rights

    David Tolbert

    A Wrong Turn for Human Rights


     warns that the gains made since the end of the Cold War are at risk.

    Destroyed Building Gaza UN Photo/Flickr

    For many years, the world seemed to be progressing toward greater recognition of human rights and demands for justice. Today, however, the international community appears to be backsliding on its human-rights commitments – a trend that is most obvious in the major emerging countries. READ MORE

  4. Teaching Economic Dynamism

    Edmund S. Phelps

    Teaching Economic Dynamism


     argues that restoring humanities education is the key to building innovative economies.

    Reading on a Mountain Mehal Shah/Flickr

    Business leaders often argue that the widening education gap – the disparity between what young people learn and the skills that the job market demands – is a leading contributor to high unemployment and slow growth in many countries. But the two main arguments underpinning that claim are weak, at best. READ MORE

  5. Peace in an Age of Extremes

    Michel Rocard

    Peace in an Age of Extremes


     examines the historical and religious factors fueling conflict in the greater Middle East.

    Destroyed homes Gaza UN Photo/Flickr

    The international community's approach to the conflicts in the greater Middle East, centered on national interests, is clearly inadequate to temper religious extremism and limit human suffering. Given the factors that have led to today’s turmoil, the solution must begin with religious, not political, leaders. READ MORE

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