Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  1. Rebooting Globalization

    Martina Larkin

    Rebooting Globalization


     examines what needs to be done to head off the dangers of global fragmentation.

    Globalization celebration Pip Wilson/Flickr

    For all of its undeniable benefits, globalization has spawned problems of governance and management that have exposed the inadequacy of national governments and international institutions. And fragile institutions have given rise to a political backlash and the danger of disaster on many fronts. READ MORE

  2. The Visual Politics of Terror

    Richard K. Sherwin

    The Visual Politics of Terror


     examines how the Islamic State's violent imagery has been designed to haunt the Western psyche.

    Syrians fighting civil war Daniel Leal-Olivas/ZumaPress

    The British artist Damien Hirst once referred to the 2001 attack on New York’s World Trade Center as “kind of an artwork in its own right." Today, Western governments, while able to describe in strategic terms the threat of the Islamic State, are still struggling to come to terms with its visual assault in the global media. READ MORE

  3. The Looming Death of Homo Economicus

    Dennis J. Snower

    The Looming Death of Homo Economicus


     insists that humans' economic self-interest cannot be separated from their capacity for care.

    Individualism thinking sophiad/Flickr

    The world seems to be on the verge of another “great transformation," which will fundamentally redefine the nature of our economic and social relationships. But mainstream economics – which assumes that people are self-interested, fully rational economic actors – fails to recognize the social half of the equation. READ MORE

  4. Migration’s Hall of Mirrors

    Peter Sutherland

    Migration’s Hall of Mirrors


     suggests that anti-immigrant sentiment stems largely from misinformation.

    Immigration rally Anuska Sampedro/Flickr

    US President Barack Obama, concerned about his party’s ability to retain control of the Senate, has decided to put off immigration reform until after the election in November. But a new survey, conducted in both Europe and the US, suggests that avoiding the issue is a serious mistake. READ MORE

  5. Choosing Death

    Peter Singer

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86 pages

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