Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vartan Oskanian

Vartan Oskanian, a member of Armenia’s National Assembly and a former foreign minister (1998-2008), is the founder of the Yerevan-based Civilitas Foundation.

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Caucasian Talk Circle
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The Caucasian Talk Circle

The Caucasus is among the world’s most divided and incoherent regions, with its three republics – Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan – having failed to cooperate to achieve their common goals of… read more

Newsart for The Caucasus Imperative
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The Caucasus Imperative

There has been talk of a meeting at the upcoming OSCE summit in Astana between the presidents of Russia and France, the US secretary of state, and the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. But, in… read more

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A Reset in the Caucasus

This is Turkey’s moment of truth. Will the current domestic turmoil between Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdoğan and the country’s powerful army complicate and delay the country’s boldest diplomatic… read more

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A Neighborly Option for Iran

For years, debate about Iran has oscillated between two bad alternatives – acceptance of its ambition to develop nuclear weapons or preemptive military intervention. But, given Iran's dependence on… read more

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A Kick-Off for Peace?

Armenian President Serge Sarkisian’s recent invitation to Turkish President Abdullah Gul to visit Yerevan to watch a football match together was historic. Turkey has begun playing a key role in… read more

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