Monday, October 20, 2014

Sin-ming Shaw

Sin-ming Shaw, a former fellow at Oxford University, is a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan.

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Newsart for Thailand’s Silent Coup
World Affairs 4

Thailand’s Silent Coup

Thailand is once again being convulsed by extreme partisan politics, with the country’s polarization playing out on Bangkok’s streets. The sense that Thailand has been through all of this before… read more

Newsart for Last Tango in Argentina?
Business & Finance 1

Last Tango in Argentina?

The passion that Argentines bring to tango has once again brought the country an international championship. But the same attitude, summed up by a leading teacher as “impudence, danger, manliness,… read more

Newsart for The Re-Education of Hong Kong
World Affairs 5

The Re-Education of Hong Kong

After less than 100 days in office, C.Y. Leung, Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive, has managed to lose his veneer of competence, credibility, and steely leadership. Most seriously, most residents view… read more

Newsart for Thailand on the Precipice
Business & Finance 0

Thailand on the Precipice

Thailand’s Old Boys Club – generals, political parties backed by tycoons with an eye on fat government contracts, and the monarchy – has misgoverned the country for the past half-century. Unless its… read more

World Affairs 0

The Healing of Taiwan

A Taiwanese court recently sentenced Chen Shui-bien, Taiwan’s president from 2000 until 2008, to life imprisonment for corruption. But Chen's legacy may prove difficult to reverse, as it extended… read more

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