Thursday, October 23, 2014

Richard N. Haass

Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, previously served as Director of Policy Planning for the US State Department (2001-2003), and was President George W. Bush’s special envoy to Northern Ireland and Coordinator for the Future of Afghanistan. His most recent book is Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America’s House in Order.

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Thirty Years' War
World Affairs 33

The New Thirty Years’ War

There are limits to what outsiders can do in the Middle East. Sometimes, policymakers need to focus on preventing things from getting worse, rather than on ambitious agendas for improvement; this is… read more

Newsart for The Sources of Russian Conduct
World Affairs 11

The Sources of Russian Conduct

The strategy needed to resist Putin’s efforts to expand Russia’s influence beyond its borders – and to induce change within them – resembles nothing so much as the "containment" doctrine that guided… read more

Newsart for Which Asian Century?
World Affairs 0

Which Asian Century?

To point to Asia’s growing importance says nothing about the region's character. There can be two, very different Asian centuries, and the one that emerges will have profound consequences for the… read more

Newsart for What International Community?
World Affairs 8

What International Community?

Whenever something bad happens – Iran moving closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, North Korea firing another missile, civilian deaths reaching another grim milestone in Syria’s civil war, satellites… read more

Newsart for The World Without America
World Affairs 15

The World Without America

Like most temptations, the urge to gloat at America’s imperfections and struggles ought to be resisted, for America’s failure to deal with its internal challenges would come at a steep price. Indeed, … read more

Newsart for The New Old Year
World Affairs 7

The New Old Year

The three parts of the world that gained the most attention in 2012 – Europe, the Middle East, and Asia – will dominate global affairs in 2013 as well. At the same time, developments not just in the… read more

Newsart for Time to Test Iran
World Affairs 7

Time to Test Iran

Most of the debate about Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear-weapons capacity focuses on two options: deterrence or preventive military action. But now a third option exists: negotiating a ceiling on… read more

Newsart for Into Syria without Arms
World Affairs 1

Into Syria without Arms

Syria is one of those rare cases in which foreign-policy realists and idealists alike back outside intervention. But intervention need not be armed: there is much more that the world can and should… read more

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