Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ribal al-Assad

Ribal al-Assad is Director of the Organization for Democracy and Freedom in Syria.

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Newsart for Syria’s Hijacked Struggle
World Affairs 5

Syria’s Hijacked Struggle

As Syria’s civil war has progressed, the West’s views on arming the opposition have become increasingly confused, and defining the conflict according to the proverbial “good versus evil” dichotomy… read more

Newsart for The Struggle for Syria
World Affairs 0

The Struggle for Syria

As the violence in Syria mounts, the international community’s paralysis has become increasingly jarring. But the role of external regional forces is almost as important in fueling the domestic… read more

Newsart for Is Syria the Next Domino?
World Affairs 0

Is Syria the Next Domino?

With the Tunisian and Egyptian regimes gone and street protests roiling cities from Algiers to Tehran, many people are now wondering which domino might fall next. Syria, whose secular, militarized… read more

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