Monday, October 20, 2014

Mai Yamani

Mai Yamani's most recent book is Cradle of Islam.

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Newsart for The Last of the Sudeiri Seven
World Affairs 2

The Last of the Sudeiri Seven

Since the Al Saud clan established the Kingdom to which they gave their name in 1932, the exercise of power in Saudi Arabia has been shaped by the intrigues and intricacies of royal politics. But… read more

Newsart for The Bewildered Kingdom
World Affairs 4

The Bewildered Kingdom

To the relief of the Saudi royals, the Arab Spring did not lead to the creation of functioning democracies in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, or Syria. Still, these countries' popular… read more

Newsart for The Kingdom Betrayed?
World Affairs 0

The Kingdom Betrayed?

With the eviction from power of his allies in Egypt and Yemen, and the looming withdrawal of most US troops from Iraq, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is feeling isolated and betrayed. But a key part of … read more

Newsart for Are Saudi Women Next?
Culture & Society 0

Are Saudi Women Next?

Women have played a leading role in the revolutions unfolding across the Arab world, and now Saudi women, too, are beginning to demand change. The spark was as unlikely as it is revealing of Saudi… read more

Newsart for Bin Laden’s Ghost
World Affairs 0

Bin Laden’s Ghost

Osama bin Laden’s death should open the international community's eyes to the source of his movement: repressive Arab regimes and their extremist ideologies. Otherwise, his example will continue to… read more

Newsart for Deconstructing Saleh
World Affairs 0

Deconstructing Saleh

Ali Abdullah Saleh is finished as Yemen’s president, abandoned by his closest allies in the face of massive popular pressure to step down. But Saleh will not shuffle off the historical stage until… read more

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