Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Juliet Torome

Juliet Torome, a writer and documentary filmmaker, was awarded Cinesource Magazine's first annual Flaherty documentary award.

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Newsart for Mandela’s Children
World Affairs 2

Mandela’s Children

Nelson Mandela fit the type of leader that Africans had in mind when they struggled for freedom from the European empires. Africans wanted leaders who would reconcile and reunite them, leaders who… read more

Newsart for Is the ICC Harming Africa?
World Affairs 2

Is the ICC Harming Africa?

Many Africans have criticized the International Criminal Court for unfairly targeting African leaders, whom they believe should be tried by Africans. The recent election of the ICC-accused Uhuru… read more

Newsart for Kenya’s Unity Test
Politics 1

Kenya’s Unity Test

Kenya’s fiercely contested presidential election in March, and its disputed outcome, has left the victor, Uhuru Kenyatta, with a daunting challenge: to unite a country riven with ethnic violence and… read more

Newsart for Oil and Isolation
Culture & Society 1

Oil and Isolation

Kenya’s government recently announced that oil had been discovered in the Lake Turkana basin, an isolated region whose people have long been the butt of other Kenyans' jokes. But the potential for… read more

Newsart for Africa’s Stolen History
World Affairs 0

Africa’s Stolen History

Western museums and private collections are full of artifacts that were pillaged from Africa during the slave trade and colonial periods. Until Africans start to recognize the value of their own… read more

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