Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lee Byong-chul

Lee Byong-chul is Senior Fellow at the Institute for Peace and Cooperation, Seoul, South Korea.

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Newsart for Challenging the Chaebol
World Affairs 0

Challenging the Chaebol

South Korea's chaebol are a defining issue in this year’s presidential campaign, with the three leading candidates united in vowing reform. The December election could thus mark a turning point for… read more

Newsart for A Nuclear South Korea?
World Affairs 2

A Nuclear South Korea?

South Korean officials have recently realized that the US would try to forbid them from enriching uranium and expanding the country’s missile range. Together, the two countries can improve prospects… read more

Newsart for South Korea’s Iran
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South Korea’s Iran

The US is now wrestling with the nuclear fears of two of its close allies, Israel and South Korea. While Israel’s alarm at the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran is existential in nature, South… read more

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