Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arnold Cassola

Arnold Cassola is former Secretary-General of the European Green Party and a former member of the Italian Parliament.

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Newsart for Europe’s Snuff Justice
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Europe’s Snuff Justice

Late last month, Brussels EU Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli resigned over his alleged involvement in a tobacco bribery scandal – a charge that he denies. Regardless of the outcome … read more

Newsart for Spring-Loaded Algeria
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Spring-Loaded Algeria

In last week's general election, Algeria’s ruling FLN maintained its grip on power. While international monitors praised the elections as a step toward reform, many, if not most, Algerians remain… read more

Newsart for Qaddafi’s Western Friends
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Qaddafi’s Western Friends

With Muammar el-Qaddafi’s regime in ruins and Qaddafi himself on the run, it is time to ponder just how he survived in power for so long. Greed for markets and money, it seems, often trumped the… read more

Newsart for The EU vs. Democracy
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The EU vs. Democracy

One of the ways in which the EU asserts its fundamental values of democracy and the rule of law is by providing support in the form of electoral assistance projects and election observation missions… read more

Newsart for Separatism, Italian-Style
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Separatism, Italian-Style

Many separatist movements in Europe have resorted to various violent terrorist acts since the second half of the twentieth century. In Italy, they don't need to, since they're represented in the… read more

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