Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Andrew Billo

Andrew Billo is Assistant Director for Policy Programs at the Asia Society in New York.

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Newsart for Dialogue and the Deep Blue Sea
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Dialogue and the Deep Blue Sea

A Chinese patrol vessel’s attack on a Vietnamese fishing boat last week highlights the need for Asia, together with the US, to develop a mechanism for managing territorial disputes in the South and… read more

Newsart for Asia’s Migration Morass
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Asia’s Migration Morass

Asia's leaders must recognize that migration not only stimulates economies, but also provides an opportunity to build business and trade linkages. People will not stop leaving their home countries in … read more

Newsart for Corrupt and Unequal
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Corrupt and Unequal

The stunning fall from grace and power of the Chinese politician Bo Xilai, and the continuing revelations concerning the enormous wealth that he and his family illicitly amassed, has gripped the… read more

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