Monday, October 20, 2014

Andrei Piontkovsky

Andrei Piontkovsky is a Russian political scientist and a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC.

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Newsart for Putin’s Brave New World
World Affairs 4

Putin’s Brave New World

Almost three months into the crisis in Ukraine, the country has elected a new president. But Russian President Vladimir Putin remains a key figure shaping Ukraine’s future – and he is propelling… read more

Newsart for The Four Stages of Putinism
World Affairs 5

The Four Stages of Putinism

In 1970, Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik observed that “all totalitarian regimes grow old without realizing it.” The regime established since 2000 by Russian President Vladimir Putin could well fall… read more

Newsart for La Nausée Russe
World Affairs 0

La Nausée Russe

Authoritarian regimes in Russia tend to die not from external blows or domestic insurrections, but rather from a strange internal disease resembling Jean-Paul Sartre's existential nausea. Today,… read more

Newsart for The Caucasian Dark Circle
World Affairs 0

The Caucasian Dark Circle

The Russian authorities have recently begun showing off the massive security measures being implemented ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. They have good reason to be … read more

Newsart for The Putin Parody
World Affairs 0

The Putin Parody

In just ten years, Vladimit Putin's regime, which was consciously designed by its image-makers as a simulacrum incorporating all the aspects of power in Russian history, has also run through all the… read more

World Affairs 0

Georgia Splits the Kremlin

Neither Vladimir Putin nor Dmitry Medvedev wants to invade Tbilisi, much as they may despise Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. But their stance is being increasingly challenged by nationalists… read more

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