Tuesday, October 21, 2014

André Glucksmann

André Glucksmann is a philosopher and essayist.

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Newsart for Myanmar’s Ethnic Powder Keg
World Affairs 0

Myanmar’s Ethnic Powder Keg

Long-standing tensions between Myanmar’s government and ethnic minorities are jeopardizing the country's democratic transition. More durable agreements with minority groups, supported by better… read more

Newsart for The Fire in the Monastery
World Affairs 2

The Fire in the Monastery

The grim spectacle of young monks, nuns, and lay people setting themselves on fire is a stark reminder of the despair that now prevails on the Tibetan Plateau. These self-immolations – at least 36… read more

Newsart for Killing Justice in Russia
World Affairs 0

Killing Justice in Russia

The death of Eduard Chuvashov, a judge killed in cold blood on April 12 in Moscow, is another in a long and growing list of murders perpetrated on those in Russia who try to seek justice for the… read more

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