Wednesday, May 6, 2015
  1. Will the TPP Help Latin America?

    Andrés Velasco

    Will the TPP Help Latin America?


     worries that US demands will prevent the Trans-Pacific Partnership from easing knowledge flows.

    Ship port trade horizon TPP US Department of Agriculture/Flickr

    If done right, the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership could help Mexico, Peru, and Chile – the accord’s Latin American members – make the leap to high-productivity exports based on innovation. But that would require the TPP to foster, not impede, the flow of knowledge around the Pacific Rim. READ MORE

  2. America’s Risky Recovery

    Martin Feldstein

    America’s Risky Recovery


     warns that low interest rates have encouraged dangerous behavior among firms and money managers.

    American flag after storm Tom Gill/Flickr

    The US economy is approaching full employment and may already be there. But America’s favorable employment trend is accompanied by a substantial increase in financial-sector risks, owing to the excessively easy monetary policy that was used to achieve the current economic recovery. READ MORE

  3. The Old New Financial Risk

    Simon Johnson

    The Old New Financial Risk


     warns that large US banks’ equity ratios remain dangerously low.

    Skydive plane freefall risk USAJFKSWCS/Flickr

    The main financial risk facing the United States today looks very similar to what caused so much trouble in 2007-08: big banks with too much debt and too little equity capital on their balance sheets. We already saw this movie, and it ended badly; next time could be a real horror show. READ MORE

  4. The Shareholder Spring Continues

    Lucy P. Marcus
  5. Asian Games Are Not Zero-Sum

    Jeffrey Frankel

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