Friday, August 28, 2015
  1. A Financial Early-Warning System

    Nouriel Roubini

    A Financial Early-Warning System


     proposes a systematic alternative to error-prone markets and ratings agencies.

    wave crashing into sea wall Ian Forsyth/ZumaPress

    Recent market volatility – in emerging and developed economies alike – is showing once again how badly ratings agencies and investors can err in assessing countries’ economic and financial vulnerabilities. More than ever, the world needs an early-warning system for financial tsunamis. READ MORE

  2. Central Bank Confidential

    Howard Davies

    Central Bank Confidential


     highlights an initiative by the Bank of England to publish dissenting views.

    Mark Carney Andrew Parsons/ZumaPress

    Over the past two decades, countries around the world have recognized the importance of central banks' independence. In truth, however, there are many degrees of independence, and not all nominally independent central banks operate in the same way – as a new initiative by the Bank of England demonstrates. READ MORE

  3. Unlocking Africa’s Trade Potential

    Michael Froman, ET AL

    Unlocking Africa’s Trade Potential

    & 2

    &  urge Sub-Saharan countries to reduce impediments to cross-border economic activity.

    Newsart for Unlocking Africa’s Trade Potential

    Earlier this summer, the US Congress reauthorized the African Growth and Opportunity Act for another ten years. To make the most of this extension – the longest in the program’s history – the US and its African partners need to start working toward a more comprehensive partnership. READ MORE

  4. The Better Corporation

    Lucy P. Marcus
  5. The Great Emerging-Market Bubble

    Bill Emmott

    The Great Emerging-Market Bubble


     identifies weak political institutions as the main culprit behind economic stagnation.

    India flood  house submerged Prabhat Kumar Verma/ZumaPress

    Something has gone badly wrong in the emerging economies that were supposed to shape the world's future. Although falling commodity prices, fracking, US interest rates, and other factors have been blamed for these countries' woes, the real culprit is poor policymaking, owing to weak political institutions. READ MORE

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