Thursday, April 24, 2014
  1. The Future of the Captured State

    Simon Johnson

    The Future of the Captured State


     points to European governments as the main obstacle to financial re-regulation.

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    The extreme free-market view of finance gained less traction in Europe than it did in the US in recent decades (with the exception of the United Kingdom). But the challenges of implementing effective regulatory reforms in Europe are actually more difficult. READ MORE

  2. The Democratic Disruption of Finance

    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    The Democratic Disruption of Finance


     compares nascent innovations in the financial sector to those that have transformed media.

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    There seems to be no limit to the exciting possibilities that come from combining technical innovations, the Internet, and social media. What is less appreciated is the extent to which the same phenomenon is starting to play out in finance, via a democratization process that could transform the institutional landscape. READ MORE

  3. Rank Mysteries

    Howard Davies

    Rank Mysteries


     attempts to decipher a recent ranking of global financial centers.

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    The release of the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), published by the consultancy Z/Yen in London, shows stability at the top of the table and volatility below. But do such rankings really contain valuable insights into how the global financial system is evolving? READ MORE

  4. Losing Interest

    Barry Eichengreen

    Losing Interest


     examines competing explanations for three decades of decline in real interest rates.

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    Two of the world’s most prominent economic institutions, the IMF and Larry Summers, recently warned that the global economy may be facing an extended period of low interest rates. Why is that a bad thing, and what can be done about it? READ MORE

  5. Sentiment and Sensibility in Emerging Markets

    Laura Tyson

Focal Point

Cold War II?

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224 pages

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