Monday, December 22, 2014
  1. Running From the Ruble

    Sergei Guriev

    Running From the Ruble


     attributes the abrupt collapse of Russia's currency to doubts about corporate debt.

    Russia Ruble exchange rates Valya Egorshin/ZumaPress

    The cause of Russia’s “Black Monday” was readily apparent: the government bailout of state-owned Rosneft, the country’s largest oil company. Usually, bailouts calm markets; but this one recalled early post-Soviet experiments, when the Central Bank of Russia issued direct loans to enterprises – invariably fueling higher inflation. READ MORE

  2. Socrates in Silicon Valley

    Lucy P. Marcus
  3. Putting Deflation First

    Barry Eichengreen

    Putting Deflation First


     takes on those who object to massive quantitative easing by the European Central Bank.

    Euro balloon Rock Cohen/Flickr

    The European Central Bank is moving, hesitantly but ineluctably, toward quantitative easing, because the threat of deflation – and the ineffectiveness of its previous measures – leaves it no choice. The question is whether the ECB will be able to move quickly enough. READ MORE

  4. Europe’s Misguided Investment Mania

    Daniel Gros

    Europe’s Misguided Investment Mania


     argues that the European Commission should be focusing on consumption instead.

    EU flags at the European Commission TPCOM/Flickr

    The lynchpin of the new European Commission’s economic strategy is its recently unveiled plan to increase investment by €315 billion ($390 billion) over the next three years. But the Commission’s proposal is misguided, both in terms of its emphasis on investment and its proposed financing structure. READ MORE

  5. The Profitability of Trust

    Klaus Schwab

    The Profitability of Trust


     on why companies that advance the common good also maximize shareholder value.

    Holding hands Sharyn Morrow/Flickr

    Though the effects of the most devastating financial crisis in decades have begun to fade, debate about companies' priorities – whether they should put profits or the common good first – is far from over. But the real conflict is not between profit maximization and social responsibility; it is between short- and long-term thinking. READ MORE

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