Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  1. Losing Interest

    Barry Eichengreen

    Losing Interest


     examines competing explanations for three decades of decline in real interest rates.

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    Two of the world’s most prominent economic institutions, the IMF and Larry Summers, recently warned that the global economy may be facing an extended period of low interest rates. Why is that a bad thing, and what can be done about it? READ MORE

  2. Sentiment and Sensibility in Emerging Markets

    Laura Tyson
  3. A Healthy Path to Chinese Consumption Growth

    Martin Feldstein
  4. Self-Insurance or Self-Destruction?

    Gene Frieda

    Self-Insurance or Self-Destruction?


     on the vicious cycle of monetary-policy spillovers and excessive foreign-reserve accumulation.

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    Though the Federal Reserve is turning a blind eye to the spillover effects of its monetary policy, the impact on emerging economies has been profound. Will the foreign reserves that these countries have built up in recent years prove adequate to protect their financial systems, as liquidity flows back toward developed economies? READ MORE

  5. The Importance of Being Boring

    Simon Johnson

    The Importance of Being Boring


     worries that the IMF is becoming interesting to US policymakers for the wrong reason.

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    The IMF is an immensely useful organization, able to deliver substantial amounts of financial and technical assistance at short notice to almost any place in the world. It also has the great advantage of almost always being perceived as incredibly boring. READ MORE

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